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frappucino+cake earphone plug sponsored by blippo | 15% discount code: tiramisu 

Blippo is a japanese kawaii store with basically anything jap related you can thing of, they sell things like phone cases, plushies to actual authentic japanese snacks so please check them out^^

this is the 2nd out of the 3 part review, you can read the first part here and the store intro here ^^


again, they came in this pacakage


and the inside is lined with bubble wrap to protect the items 


the phone plug came in this adorable little package


it’s extremely cute and they package it so well, it would make an excellent gift or christmas present ^^


close up on the chain+hook connecting the cake to the frapuccino  


as you can see, the dust plug is extremely detailed and you can tell the little things like the starbucks logo and the creases on the cake have been payed extra attention to


one last shot of this adorable dust plug because they show up so well on camera huehue e u e


it’s extremely tiny which makes it even more amazing how much little details have been payed to the dust plugimage

here is what it looks like on my phone

quality: 10/10

the dust plug is crafted with extreme care and they’ve put so much care into the tiny details, it’s definitely a good deal for only $2

shipping: 10/10

as ive stated earlier, i am extremely pleased with the speed of the shipping

packaging: 10/10

a lot of the times when i receive things to review, the items are always slightly smushed or damaged but the owner was considerate enough to place the items in a bubble wrapped package so the items were perfectly fine when i got them. 

overall: 9.5/10

this ear phone jack is so cute and extra points for the adorable packaging it came in. It’s extremely detailed and im very pleased with this store’s customer service. i was only slightly disappointed when i realized it didnt fit on my phone case as well as i had hoped but its ok i can just take the case off when i want to use it and it’s still incredibly cheap at $2 plus free shipping to canada

and dont forget you guys can also use the 15% discount code (tiramisu) ^^

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