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2D shoulder bag sponsored by blippo | 15% discount code: tiramisu 

Hi guys ^^ remember this store introductory post i made a while ago, they’ve kindly sponsored me 3 items to review which ill be doing in separate posts

so this first review will be on the 2D shoulder bag which i was very excited to receive because ive been seeing them a lot in online stores and I’ve always wanted one of my own uwu


  • 1 x zipper pocket for valuables
  • 1 x small pocket for small items
  • 1 x expandable large pocket
  • Dimensions: 40 x 31 x 9 cm


it came in this package, shipping took aprox 1 week and a half which is pretty fast tbh


I was very happy to see that the inside was lined with bubble wrap so the items wouldn’t be damaged 


the bag was inside this plastic covering


this is what it looked like when i took it out

I absolutely love the concept of it, it’s so unique and different omg even knowing it wasn’t actually 2D it still looked unreal to me LOL


as you can see, the bag itself is actually quite flat and i was worried at first because I didn’t know if i could fit anything into it


it turned out i worried for nothing because the bottom of the bag could be unzipped so that the storage area becomes bigger


close up on the button and adjustable shoulder strap


tbh I think this is actually a laptop bag because it literally fits my laptop like a glove and I’ve been needing a laptop bag for a really long time 


the back also has a zipper pocket along with their logo, the material on the back is very soft which cushions my laptop perfectlyimage

close up on the material in the front.image

it reaches about mid thigh on me (im 5’2/159 cm) the strap is adjustable though

(colouring is off because different lighting, it’s actually more similar to the colour on the right)

quality: 9/10

very sturdy material, the bag is constructed very securely with detailed threading around the handle. there was actually a brown smudge on the top right (which you can see in some of the pictures) but it’s easily washable so not a bit problem

shipping: 10/10

very fast shipping, I was expecting it to come a lot later especially since it’s around christmas time and shipping tends to take a lot longer

communication: 10/10

the owner of this shop is incredible nice and replied to my messages very fast ^^ plus they were kind enough to label the items as $5 so i can avoid duty fees

style: 10/10

like i said earlier, i absolutely love this whole 2d concept, i felt so hipstur wearing my cartoon shoulder bag huehue  i’m in love with unique styles that no one’s found out about so currently this is my favourite bag uwu

overall 10/10

I’m very happy with this bag and it’s a very reasonable price too ($32) the first time i saw these bags, they were sold at 40-50 dollars and plus blippo has free shipping for canadian shoppers too so it’s pretty good deal.

please check out blippo for more cheap kawaii merch ^^

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