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so the store i found for you guys is Blippo

blippo is a japanese kawaii shop that sells everything from adorable phone charms, 2d backpacks to even authentic japenese candy LOL

tbh anon was actually the one that introduced me to this shop and im so grateful because everything is so cheap and iT HAS FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA 

i asked them for a discount code for you guys ^^ so use TIRAMISU for 15% off 

the entire layout of this store is extremely cute and organizedimage

the store has such a big variety and it took me a long time just to scroll through everything they have

these are some of the cutest jack charms ive ever seen and theyre all 1-2 dollars /flails


here are more phone charms and im so sad because my phone doesnt hold charms but these are honestly adorable and only around $2 with free shipping (i have the squishy phone charm from china and its scented too e u e)


ive been seeing these 2d backpacks everywhere and i still cant get my head around the fact that it’s real LOL i really want one of these and theyre reasonably priced too, ive seen ones from other stores that are like 50-80 dollars


they have an insane amount of selections and i just chose rilakkuma because its my fav uwu these rilakkuma merch are all below $5!!


AND THESE ADORABLE PLUSHIES ARE ONLY 1-5 DOLLARS altho it seems to be on sale atm because original price is 15 dollars so it might change in the future


these domo backpacks are also insanely cheap but tbh i feel like their sale is ending soon so the prices might change if you guys dont hurry



they have this whole page of asian snacks and im cry because its so hard finding some of these in canada like asian candies are the best ;__;

theyre also really cheap o__o even in our asian super markets, you cant get them for that price


they also have this section keitai & decoden and im not sure what that is, i think its to decorate your phone case but i took screenshots for you guys anyways because they look so tiny and cute plus really cheap prices

they also have stickers and cases if you scroll further down 


overall im really excited about this store because usually anything rilakkuma, domo, hello kitty is really expensive but this store is so cheap and everything looks so cute

plus its on sale rn

and its free shipping to canada

and they offered a discount code for 15% off (TIRAMISU)

so you’re welcome uwu

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