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sponsored vintage chiffon romper from kaneto

hi guys today im going to talk about this adorable pair of rompers i got from Nan’s shop definitely check it out omg because she has an adorable taste in clothes and Nan is so sweet she always makes sure to add in a little gift or even personally deliver it if you live in her area!! ((plus the price is very cheap compared to other shops ive seen))

when i first got it, it just so happened my friend was over for a photoshoot lmao so we were all clown faced when the door bell rang and i was like wut cus my mom was in the states and we weren’t expecting anyone but then when we looked outside all i saw was this huge truck with a huge flashing light on the top and i was freaking out because vAT WHY IS THE AMBULANCE HERE WUT DID I DO

but then i noticed that it said delivery on the side so i started screaming and ran downstairs


the romper came in a very secure package


and it was wrapped tightly in plasticimage

this is what it looked like when i fully opened the packaging


i adore the intricate detail on the sleeve laces


the seams were also more or less very secure


I was very surprised to find this adorable bear key chain fall out


this is such a detailed wood carved bear thank you nan!


it also came with a piece of black fabric to tie around the waist (not shown in this picture)


this is what it looked like tied


style: 10/10

i am in love with this romper, its simple yet cute and its something i can throw on in the morning without spending too much time

comfort: 100/10

this pair of romper (especially the shorts part) was so incredibly comfortable urgh no more tight thigh lines, butt sticking to chair, pants sticking to flesh etc it makes me want to throw out all my denim shorts ;ladjk

quality: 9/10

the seams were alright on the most part, however i found a few loose seams that could be easily fixed with needle and thread

overall: 10/10

i highly recommend this pair of romper to people like me that are too lazy to get out of bed and actually clothes, this simple 1 piece is stylish and casual and is something that can quickly be thrown on in the morning

please do check out kaneto i HIGHLY recommend!!

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