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hi guys so as most of you already know, I got sponsored by Maxstar and I just recieved the Maxstar 7-Holes TC Wedge Heel Sneakers Gold today so im really excited atm omg

maxstar is a korean shoe store that sells high quality paper plane sneakers, platform sneakers and custom sneakers where you can customize an original converse with studs, platforms, paintings etc

the Maxstar brand was founded in 2008 and is now an industry leader in quality and innovative shoes manufacturing Seoul, South Korea.

so one of the things that i was absolutely amazed by was the incredibly fast shipping, Maxstar was generous enough to use fedex and the shoes arrived within 5 days from korea to canada omfg


it came in a sturdy box and inside it was a cute bag for the shoes


the shoes were packaged securely in this plastic covering imageimage

i was actually really surprised by the weight because since it had the wedges i was expecting it to be a lot more heavier but it was actually really light ^^


i actually love these shoes so much and i cant wait to wear them at schoolimage

theyre really comfortable to wear too, i never liked wearing my other pairs of converse because it took forever for me to untie the shoe laces and squeeze my foot in but the faux leather is extremely flexible and it felt like i was wearing any regular sneakersimageimage



I love how Maxstar was able to enhance a simple pair of sneakers into a whole other level by these adding cute wedges



these shoes were surprisingly extremely comfortable to wear and it felt really light too, I wore these shoes around the house for a whole hour when i got them lmao and my feet didn't feel strained like it usually did with heels at all



its made of a really nice flexible material and i just love it so much cus you can mold the shoes however way you want



these shoes are by far my favs, i highly recommend anyone to buy them if you’re looking for a casual but unique pair of sneakers to wear on a trip, to school, or really anywhere tbh

Thank you so much Maxstar ^_^

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