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Its raining outside
hi there ~. so i have this gold mirror belt with black elastic that only has two buttons but it's too big for my waist :( do you know anyways i can make the belt smaller/shorter so i can wear it?
Anonymous said—

is it possible to poke holes yourself along the belt?? thats really the only way i know of :/

For Goldbelt Annonchan if it’s mostly elastic you can sew it I suggest doing so right next to the closure, or right in middle where it’ll be on your back! ^_^ Otherwise Mieuk’s suggestion is the best, if it is not mostly elastic.
omg you look like all of Apink's members mashed up into one cute goddess ;_;
Anonymous said—

omg HAHA thank you im so honoured ;;

Hi c: so I have really cute tights ( black) only I don't know how to wear them :C it's fall where I live, could you give me some examples of how you would wear them ?
Anonymous said—

oversized cable knit sweater styled with ankle booties or combat boots and denim shorts if its the see through kinda tights, you could also wear it with a cute sweater dress and black doc marten style boots, id wear a belt if you want to add more shape to your outfit but if not, a straight silhouette is also cute ^^