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I'm taking online Chinese classes, but it'd not face-to-face or anything so I'd like to ask one thing, especialy from a native speaker: could you give me a tip or two on what I should make sure to practice/learn mostly?
Anonymous said—

oh tbh my biggest advice would be to watch some cdramas or tdramas lol you’d be surprised at how much your chinese would improve after constantly hearing the language, itll help your vocab a lot and definitely improve the chinese accent ^^ plus you’ll be able to pick up on a lot of the common day to day phrases that you wont learn thru textbooks. i have a huge ass list of tdramas and cdramas because im obsessed with them so if you’re interested, i can definitely recommend you some ^^ 

hi! you mentioned that during the winter you wear denim jackets. did you actually mean denim jackets, which are kinda thick and would be rly hard to wear under sweaters, or did you mean chambray shirts (button up shirts that look like they are denim material, but are actually thin cotton-y material)?
Anonymous said—

omg oops i meant chambray shirts, i always just called them denim tops otl thanks for pointing that out ^^

why did you get a straight perm? your hair seemed pretty straight to begin with (as far as i saw in your selcas?)
Anonymous said—

im wearing a wig in most of my selcas lol and the very few pics of my real hair were taken during good hair days and even then its still sort of wavy, my hairs usually like this and i hate it bcus it always looks frizzy and poofy ;_; but its laser straight now so im very happy uwu